Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Everyone who likes Youtube, GirlTalk, and/or Hulu should check this out. Major kudos to everyone involved in the making and posting of this film.

I would love to hear everyones' thoughts on this film and the issue it focuses on. It seems pretty relevant since much of the art we create in school is based on samples and mashing up ideas from famous individuals. ~TW

Monday, June 15, 2009

TED talk: Can design save newspapers?


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mr Ulankski's 7th & 8th Grade Poem Anthology

I love living in Clifton. Case in point - as friends and I were walking back from Murphy's Pub a heavyset man with a floppy, curly mohawk invited us in for "one more beer for the road." We naturally accepted, and after smooth introductions, found out that he is not only in a ska/metal band, but also teaches 7th and 8th grade at a downtown charter school. We were really only two houses from home, but it was a welcome detour that resulted in one beer, one Loudmouth CD (his band), and most notably one Poetry Anthology from Mr. Mike Ulankski's writing class.

Sure, we all used to write poetry in Jr High, but none to much was worth mentioning. Lots of soppy unrestrained sentiment and entire poems with every single line rhyming - and some of these poems are just that. But reading some of these poems from kids who obviously have a lot to deal with was enlightening and inspiring, and I was really impressed with the frankness and honesty that these kids displayed. Maybe it's just been my experience with art school, but honesty and frankness are both seem to be in rare supply.

Here are a few of my favorite poems. No grammar corrections have been made.

It's Just My Imagination
by Shoneica Freeman

In the dark I dream of ugly creations
It was just my imagination.
In the dark I dream of ugly creation.
Sounds that scare me.
It's just my imagination
In the dark I lay
I wonder if it's near me
In the dark I dream of ugly creations.
I hear things it say
I wonder if it hears me
It's just my imagination
In my mind I pray
Don't appear to me
In the dark I dream of ugly creations.
Under the covers I shake
My eyes get teary
It's just my imagination
Now he's close I see his face
Now he's near me
In the dark I dream of ugly creations.
It's just my imagination.


Young Boy Becoming Bad Old Mother Becoming Sad
By Rauquelle Smith

Young boy becoming bad
Night time is darker than dark
Old mother becoming sad

As a skater would say that's rad
In the night there is no sparks
Young boy becoming bad

She sees that her son is bad
Young boy left in the dark
Old mother becoming sad

More badness in his bad
Left in the water with the sharks
Young boy becoming bad

All mothers scared of the draft
Lots of cars but no where to park
Old mother becoming sad

Sad because his mother is sad
Standing around but no dogs bark
Young boy becoming bad
Old mother becoming sad


Random Thoughts
By Shawntez R

We were crossing the padding and it was dark.
All in the valley of death.
And miles to go before I go to sleep.
Burned up 100s of millions of dollars.
That cursed bet.

Afraid that we'd run away.
I was happy to be out in the world again.
Cradled in her arms.
I could see him standing.
I am the greatest

Friday, June 5, 2009

RESHOOT RESHOOT | Process Document



David Lynch | Interview Project

David Lynch's Interview Project started June 1st and it looks like it will come out to be a compassionate portrait of America at a rough time. But I have to admit that ever since that Iphone clip, I can't help but bend over laughing every time he opens his mouth. His straight face, odd enuncation, and that goofy ass music is too much for me.


So, this is a promo put out by RVCA featuring Leo Romero, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Josh Harmony, Cairo Foster, Austin Stephens, Ed Templeton, Keegan Sauder, David Reyes, Nestor Judkins & Julian Davidson. I think everyone knows RVCA for their clothes, their Artist Network Program and the ANP Quarterly, but the actual athletes seem to get marginalized in the big scheme of things. And really, it's what they do that inspires a lot of the art that comes out of the ANP.

I really like the notion that skateboarding itself has specific aesthetic decisions that are made at all times when someone is on a board. And what about the influence that skateboarding has had on culture? I wonder if skateboarding should be taken a little more seriously in mainstream circles and more importantly the art world. Anyways, enjoy the promo - you don't have to skate to take a look.


Some recent inspiration:

Matthew Palladino

Erwin Wurm's 'One Minute Sculptures'

Below two: "How to be politically incorrect while searching for a bomb"